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Week 4 to 6: Table of Contents 8 Week Powerlifting Program8 Week Powerlifting Peaking CycleWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8 Table of Contents: RPE Chart Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Training hard only gets you so far—you also have to train smart. When you google around you can find the numbers the sheet is based on. What you need is a plan, a guide on HOW to bench press more weight. Ultimate Bench Press Program: Day 1: Bench Press – 3sets x 12reps * Close Grip Bench Press – 3×12 * The Best Deadlift Program for Beginners. Anyway the program involved doing 8 sets of 3 reps of bench press for 14 days straight. Regular bench: 375 x 5 x 3 sets. In This is a sample 6 month program for a lifter who can currently bench press 145/10, it's not the only way to do it, so as always educated yourself and experiment safely: Chest one time/week, if you are going to do something with chest, do it after chest training while building up your max Month 1 Bench Press 135/15 145/10 155/ 8 165/ 6 The Bench Press Program to Add 20 Pounds to Your Max in 10 Weeks. the training manual provides detailed instructions on how to execute the bench press with expert-level technique. I hope you had the chance to check it out. It’s grueling, yes, but after just a few workouts you If you prefer to watch rather than read: Every powerlifter on the planet has an opinion about what the “best” program is. Skip to content; The program lasts six weeks. squat 35 lbs dead lift 35 1bs. ” The first 6 weeks of this program were designed to get you ready for this phase, which I consider the bread and butter of the 12-week deadlift cycle. then the last week I just did an easy bench on Monday then I came in and benched for a max on Fri night and I had a big gain on bench40 lbs actually. The writer describes Ed's periodized training scheme and gives a detailed example. This ten week training cycle is designed to not only boost your barbell bench press prowess but also pack on slabs of muscle mass to your upper and lower  3 Mar 2011 Here's my 10 week bench set-up Week 1: DE - Speed Bench Press - with EFS pro mini bands; ME - Max Effort Bench - floor press with 3  1 Feb 2018 The 10-week emphasis will be on one lift, the barbell bench press. I would not deadlift three times per week. This 12 week peaking program utilizes linear And if we look at the bench press specifically, then we can see that the 1-day a week training group improved by 10% over the course of 12-weeks, while the 3-day a week group improved by 27% Beef Up Your Bench Press 10x3 Workout Program I am definitely going to give this one a try. If you want more intensity, try twice a week; although, it’s best to leave it as is. To create contrast, multiple sets of  Week 1, 1, 90. Let’s get right to the good stuff. the only problem I had was I hurt my shoulder but this has been a problem before I started your program. My experience with Ed Coan's Deadlift and Bench Program; On week 10, I pulled 485 (my desired max) for a single. I have been lifting for almost 2 years now. This means all reps should be done with pauses. Our 10 week nonpartisan program is designed for busy professionals to learn what is needed to pursue offices from city councils and special districts to the state legislature and higher. So what the hell are you waiting for? You want more gains? Click below to enroll! What's Included? Six Week Bench Program in Multiple Formats Editable Excel File so you can log your lifts and progress The second upper-body strength day of the week is more dynamic and functional. Download The PDF For Further Explainantion Regarding The Thoughts Behind This Program Offseason Bench Press Protocol Movement Sets x Reps Bench Press 1 x 3 Vladimir Volkov, the European bench press champion and master’s world champion in the 220 lb weight class, has proved that point with a 639 lb bench in an IPF competition. Do this program or the other – not both. To generate a personalized bench press or squat pyramid chart, simply enter your 1RM (one rep max) in the box below. It uses a four-day rotation per week, with two days devoted to bench press and two devoted to squats (or deadlifts). Tips for Ed Coan’s Deadlift Routine. Doing the typical pyramid sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps, as many do, isn’t going to unstick it. 4 Week Novice/Intermediate Weightlifting Programme; Squat Programme Calculators. Both are 10 week bench press programs with 2 workouts per week. For the first 8 weeks do the same bench press workout on both days of the week. Here is a filtered list of powerlifting bench press programs that last for 10 weeks. The six week program and the advan ced programs are made available to you at no cost. Add weight when you can perform 10 reps per set. I did the three week blast your bench program to the "T" with the stop watch and all. Cable Tricep Extensions 3 - 5 10 - 12 Please see the article for information on Bench Press 10 week rep cycle. Hell, … 10 Week Bench Press Program Spreadsheets. This script will do the math for you and compute your own Russian bench press routine, which you can print out and take to the gym, or frame, or line your parakeet's cage with. Please consider supporting Candito Training by making a contribution on the paypal scroll down button (5, 10, 20, or more). This weight progression is run by a Java script. Here’s a ten-week Matrix program for increasing a 295 lb. About Me: Male/19/167lbs Animal Method: Monster Peak Program I used the basics of Poletaev’s routine to write this one, but the red flag is training every day . The 3 phases… Weeks 1 to 4 you’ll be doing sets of 5 reps, alternating ramped up sets of 5 (1×5) with 5 sets of 5 with the same weight (5×5). For example, ectomorphs who have skinny body and fast metabolism can perform part I, II and III on three alternate days during the week without considering weekends. DB Bench & Close Grip. If you struggle to answer the question of how much you bench, or maybe you struggle to be proud of the number, then this 6-week bench press power boosting workout routine is perfect for you. Bench Press Program Calculators. fitness by Chuck Grissom: By request, here's a repost of an excerpt from an article in Powerlifting USA reviewing Ed Coan's Bench Press Video. Hi, I just finished week 9 and next week I will doing my max attempt and will post a long review of this program. To automatically calculate enter the 1RM (max) of your bench , the weight progression calculator will do the rest. For example, let’s say last week, I was able to only get 6 reps out with 175 pounds in the bench press for my last working set. Deadlift was 370x5 for week 5 and 435x1 on week 8, equating to a 25lb increase. Use the same weight for your set of 8. The program may be easy for some of you and very difficult for others. I don’t program this way as a coach or a lifter so I can’t really advise beyond that. To illustrate, I started week 5 with 320x5 as the top set on bench press and ended week 8 at 380x1, a 5lb increase over 4 weeks. If getting strong as hell is your primary goal then you need a strength training program that will emphasize that for you. As a newbie lifter, strength gains come quickly. . Assume your 1RM in the flat bench press is 300 lbs. Take off weight if necessary. THE BENCH PRESS CAN BE TRAINED HEAVY AND OFTEN. This is a percentage-based program with a heavy and light day every week. StrongLifts 5×5 Advanced is a 9 week program divided into 3 phases of 3 workouts per week each. Get our Premium 12 week bench program. Raw Strength is the only 12-week peaking program specifically designed for raw powerlifting performance. In the following program, you will train four times a week, on a two on, one off, two on, two off basis. This program will not prepare you for the CrossFit Open or Regionals, and it sure as shit won’t get you to the CrossFit Games. Program. The Bench Press is a core movement that will hammer you in commercial gyms every Monday across America. The 5×3 bench press program is made up of the following 3 phases: Week 1-2: high volume work. There are 6 chest focused workouts in a 2 week period. Get stronger. You will start to see your bench press increases and then you just get even more stoked! Hit me up with any questions you might have and I'll gladly answer what I can. The Intermediate Powerlifting Sample Program Overview. On test day you can always shoot for a higher max than is prescribed. About Hot Bench. During the first two weeks, you will perform 5 sets of 8 reps of the bench press, gradually increasing the weight during the second week. Strongman Bill Kazmaier 10 Week Big Bench Program - This is the Bench Press training routine which enabled Big Kaz to obtain a World Record 661 lbs Bench Press. I personally have found my best results from a twice per week frequency on the Bench Press. Bench Mark Program takes the status quo and flips it on its head. Also on week 9, I messed up and did week 8 weights by mistake. If you are someone who has struggled to add weight to your barbell Back Squat, this squat program for strength will allow you to add no less than 10 pounds to your squat max. You’re told everything you need about lifting. If you set your desired max too high, you may fail sets during the 10 week program. MUSCLEANDSTRENGTH. After all, you won’t have a sculpted physique to show off without adding the size first. in general the Last week I officially ended the Kizen 12 week powerlifting program, all that was left to do was to test my 1RM in a powerlifting style format. Smolov Jr. The “Promised” 18 Week Protocol. The resulting exercise program is intended to increase strength, not mass. The plan outlined here is aimed at improving your bench press by at least 10% over a ten week period. * Included is a detailed nutrition section explaining how to optimize your nutrition for gaining strength. Here's an article from Powerlifting USA reviewing Ed Coan's Bench Press Video. This Program Includes 1. For example, after successfully completing a 1RM of 100 pounds one week, change your percentages for the next week based on a 1RM of 105 pounds. I’ve seen more Westside Dynamic Effort Bench: Working from a shirtless bench max, this scripts gives you guidelines for what parameters to use for straight weight, chains and bands. Meaning that after only 3 workouts in a 2 week time period you're adding over 20lbs to a max that Ed Coan's bench press routine. 0%. 0 will help you increase your bench press by up to 50 pounds in 10 weeks, while packing on muscle in the process. Workout #8 Mash Mafia Just Get Strong 8 Week Cycle. Exercises. class for the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Total. The bottom line is that you need to develop a well-rounded, comprehensive program that encourages hard work and progressive overload of the musculature. You can use this program generator to help design your squatting or pressing (i. Designed to get you to hit a new PR by the end of the 4 weeks. The bench press can be trained heavier and more frequently than the squat or deadlift. – one exercise for each and do 10 sets of 10 reps. com - Duration: 5:57. Yet bench press is not just an exercise to use as a measure of strength – its one of the best exercises to train your power, and bar speed. You can then print the personalized bench press or squat strength pyramid routine. This program is mainly for individuals who are looking to increase their bench press or put on muscle mass in their upper bodies. If you want to add in a 3rd light press day on Wednesday, you can, but I usually perform Bench Presses on Wednesday. Remember that you may exceed these numbers, so they are merely conservative and reasonable starting points that are appropriate for intermediates. In week 1 you do only 1 of these backoff sets, In week 2 you do 2, and in week 3 you do 3. Each body part is worked once a week. And this program works just fine on a 2x/week frequency, so I don’t think you need to Press 3x/week unless you just don’t like to Bench Press. The premise: Crank out 10 reps of each exercise you do for 10 sets. 0%, 3×5, 80. bench press: test 1 rm; then 80% 2 sets of 5 reps 2. You’d miss reps, plateau and get nowhere. If you’re interested in how in how I got to this point please read on after you check out the plan. 42:09. Perform dumbbell bench one week and close grip the next. Workout #6 Mash Bulgarian-ish 12 Week Plan. 1” with “1. Three times per week is an absolute minimum for Bulgarian type training. Workout Routines The 10-Week Powerlifting Program for Dense, Functional Muscle Blow up your maxes and build dense, function-first muscle with this entry-level, results-driven powerlifting program. Smolov Jr Calculator Enter your one rep max and the week-to-week weight increment you plan on using and the tables below will populate with the weights for you to use throughout the program. the 8-week full body bench press-focused program is split up into 2 distinct training blocks each with a specific focus. Add weight when you can perform 12 reps per sets. If you reach 6, record a + and increase your weight 5 lbs. If you're looking for a well-rounded bench program with bench variations to help with your flat bench, this is probably not for you. There’s the jelly legs at the finish of a 5K, the burn after a set of squat jumps, the sting of taking a foam roller to your IT band — and then there’s German Volume Training (GVT). The Raw Strength Training Program 12-weeks of training specifically designed to improve your squat, bench press, and deadlift. ) and 10lbs for lower body (squat, deadlift). He designed the original Smolov Squat Routine which is a popular 13 week exercise program among Ryan Kennelly's 12 week RAW bench. Perform each workout – Day 1, 2, and 3 – once per week, resting at least a day between What do you guys think of Dan John's Two Days a Week Program: Day One: Deadlift (Rule of 10) - sets of 2 increasing weights for big jumps Bench Press - Sets of 10 increasing weights for big jumps until getting to heavy weight and doing a top set of as many reps as possible Day Two: Squat: Sets of 10 increasing weights for big jumps until 3. 5/3/1 Routine. Use either exercise, or alternate between the two week in and week out. For those of you who are unaware, this is not a eBook or anything that you have to purchase. “I’ve gone through your Dumbbell & Bodyweight Program several times now and I have enjoyed it more every time I do it. The plan is outlined as follows: Part 1: prioritizing your  The average weight most adult men and women can bench press depends on age, fitness level, and other factors. I suggest taking a complete week off during the deload period. Experience level:  Home · Blog · About Marc · Contact Marc · Coaching · Cast Iron Strength Gym · Online Coaching · Edinburgh Barbell · Testimonials · Programming & Calculators. 12-Week Bench Press Program: First, you don’t need special supplements, crazy overload techniques or piles of food to increase your Bench Press. Do 2-3 light warm-up sets; then 3 sets, 10 reps, 175 lbs. It is a classic descending reps/ascending weight peaking program but with an unloading week midway through to avoid overtraining. Do 5 sets of 10 reps, once a week. (barely). This is a 2-day a week program such that you would train lower body twice a week and then perform an upper body training program the other 2 days of the week (upper body program is not included here). Take the rest of the week off from weight training. If using a bench shirt, use during training once a month. Bench Press Pros. Strength Training Program For Young Athletes Strength training program design can get very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. 5 kg is my bench PR. Specifically, I outline ways to use progressive weight training, i. You’ll repeat 3 workouts 2x each. That rep scheme may be for building mass, but to add plates you need to practice lifting heavy for 1 rep only—this is how you prepare your body for the stress of a max lift. You can’t do StrongLifts 5×5 on top of another program. He said this program guarantees to keep CNS from burning out and let's lifters gauge their You want to make minuscule jumps each week because that will keep you progressing in a straight line, rather than jumping up 20 pounds one week and dropping 10 pounds the next. It would hurt your recovery and prevent you to add weight each workout. Let’s check out the details of the 12 Week Dumbbell and Bodyweight Program. 1RM improvements are saved for meet day. db floor press (netural grip) -3 sets of 12 reps 3. 5%, 5×3, 85. Our journey across the powerlifting map during this programming review series now takes us to the Coan/Philippi Deadlift Routine. The PM is the Swing and Turkish Get Up. If your going to run it for ten weeks, there are plenty of deadlifting programs you could plug in. Sometimes exercise hurts so good. Most people use 5 to 10 lbs for the increment value. Now you remove 20 kg and do a set to failure. While previously he'd been benching 3 times a week, he'd bumped it up to 5  Every week should increase so you need to calculate backwards 10 lb lighter a week could work as well, as long as you train all four core lifts (bench press,  Dumbbell flat bench (2 sets of 10) Standing dumbbell Click here to download Gary's 4 week bench press training charts in Acrobat pdf file format. Don't see the program  3 Nov 2017 Ken Lain's 10 Week Matrix Bench Program Spreadsheet (Original + Modified Versions). My 6 Week Russian Deadlift Program. The regular bench press is the most important lift of the three. Unleash your inner benching beast with this workout plan. Week 1: Begin with your 70% weight for your set of 10, do 10 reps. I continue to be a huge fan of Pavel’s two “do this” workouts: The template from “Power to the People,” and, The Program Minimum. This is a 16-week program divided into two 8-week sections. For purposes of focusing on squat programs, we will tailor this program so that the athlete will solely be squatting (or deadlifting) twice a week, at least 72 hours apart. Today, I am going to give you a simple 4-week barbell workout (strength and conditioning) program. Our long-lasting support system is the safe, positive family that does not exist on the streets. The only thing that changes are the 2nd and 3rd Bench movement during each 6 week wave. All they have to do is focus on Smolov Jr. On the other hand, some of you may be able to use this program and run your bench press from 185 to over 300 in a year's time. 12 Back Close-Grip Pull-Ups 3 Failure Biceps/Forearms Hammer Curls 3 15, 15, 15 Chest Cable Crossovers 3 10, 10, 10 Back T-Bar Rows 3 12, 12, 12 Rest 1 week before you start the next cycle. Once the six weeks are up, you should switch over to a heavier program such as a basic 5×5 routine. Patrik Nyman's Prilepin Bench: Designed for the drug-free lifter, this is a six-week program based on Prilepin's table that alternates the raw bench with the close-grip bench Today was day one of Ed coan's 12 week program. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. 25 LB BENCH INCREASE IN 6 WEEKS - Candito Bench Program FULL OVERVIEW Stronger In 30 Days Bench Press Program by Mark Mark Bell - Sling Shot 329,435 views. So on the first week, perform bench, incline then decline. My weightlifting team is well on its way, so now it is time to turn my focus on powerlifting. Of course you do. e. If your max Bench Press is 225 for 10 reps in good form without a spotter, start Week One with 205 for your three work sets. This 12 week program will help you accomplish either goal. Believe Media 681,867 views What Program Is Best For Increasing Your Bench Press? Let's face it, everybody wants to increase their bench press, but gym regulars and bodybuilders eventually hit a plateau and struggle to raise those bench press numbers. Dave got this routine off a Russian lifter I believe. com - Casey Williams. If you are competing, your week 6 one rep max attempts will occur on competition day. It begins again with focus on the bench press resisted with a band, using a lighter weight than your earlier workout of the week. Here’s how. The program is mainly geared to compound movements such as clean pressing, squats and of course, deadlifts. If you fail a week either keep moving forward, or attempt the week you failed the following week. Thursday (Light Day) 80% of heavy day. Week 3, 1, 95. Cal Poly’s 8-Week Deadlift Program: Push Through a Strength Plateau | Breaking Muscle Many of the strongest and most muscular athletes in the world thrive on just one hard session for each lift per week. The example below uses 275 as the one rep max. It is easy to follow and the only special equipment needed is a light band for certain movements. The original name of this program was 'the Russian Squat Program', and I just replaced the squat with the deadlift. Younger men are typically able to bench press more than older men, and men, in general, can bench press more Rest for at least one full day each week. this program is even effective for increasing a 1RM considering the basis of the program is sets of 8 or 10 for the most part Here's an article from Powerlifting USA reviewing Ed Coan's Bench Press Video. The answer isn't to just train “harder”. Tricep Pushdowns. The MAX group  5 Mar 2018 Gym bro or no, the bench press is a true hallmark of strength. But we’ll also talk about reasons why you may want to leave it out of your workout program, at least temporarily. is an It is also very often used for bench press. Be conservative with your desired max. Non-6 week peaking workouts will be less intense. Wednesday: Legs, calves, and abs – 10 sets of 10 reps for legs – 3 sets of 15+ reps for calfs and abs. The 5×3 Bench Press Program. Therefore, I would increase my weight to 5% to 10% or in this case, roughly 185 pounds if I increased it by 5%. can be used on other lifts besides the squat and is actually quite commonly used on the bench View Article Last week an article of mine was posted at T-Nation. Gaining strength on your bench will help you get stronger on other exercises. * This program is based off 4 days per week of lifting. I advocate training the way you compete. While each plan is designed using the same training methodologies, they differ in length to provide you with the best option to suit your specific schedule and needs. I got this routine off Dave Fitzhenry in 2006. View KIZEN 6 Week Bench Program. Volume is increased globally, with a greater increase coming in the form of lower-body and upper-body pushing volume. From the producers of Judge Judy, HOT BENCH adds a new twist to the court genre, with the first-ever three judge panel, taking you inside the courtroom and into their chambers as they deliberate. The percentages are based on your one rep bench max. Put down that magazine article on "how to increase your bench press by 20lbs. Instead of employing traditional therapy methods for at-risk youth, we use weightlifting as the bond to overcome confronting adversity. The original squat program article says that you should do 105% of your entry max at the end. To turn this into a longer off-season program of 8-10 weeks, you can start peaking one of the lifts on week one, the next lift on week two, and the third lift on week three. In this article and video series, we don’t look at powerlifting Many guys, for example, come in to the gym to bench on Monday and do 3 sets of 10, or 5 sets of 5, performing, respectively, 30 or 25 total repetitions. If you're a bench press addict and want to bench twice a week, I'd suggest doing some lighter, moderate volume close-grip work on the second day. andro Bring up your bench press with this intense 10 set x 3 rep bench press specialization workout plan from top powerlifter Steve Shaw Workout Summary Main Goal: Increase Strength Workout Type: Split Training Level: Intermediate Days… The following is a guest post from forum member Harrison, a competitive powerlifter and weightlifter who added 15kg to his bench in 3 weeks. Week 2, 1, 92. The Coan Philippi Routine is free and widely distributed across the internet "Russian" Strength Program Generator. doc file listed percentages only, leaving it up to me to do the math and figure out what plates to use. 0%, 5×3, 87. is a three-week program that comes from the Russian squat routine known as Smolov. Below is a list I have put together for Bench, Squat and Deadlifts. Cast Iron 10 week Bench Programme; The Brad Gillingham 12 week Raw Bench Program; Olympic Lifting Programme Calculators. Starting Squat Max 245. Plyometrics 4 set x 4 reps, 80% max height ; Conjugate System and Exercise Selection No matter if you’re a beginner or expert, this program will increase your bench press. Don't worry because I have your covered. i now know what works best for this program—it's a modified two-day split where, as I mentioned, you train legs only once a week, and your bench is done on Mondays and Fridays (see the chart on the next page). We would also say perform the regular bench press first, then alternate between incline and decline every week. muscleandfitness. I am committed to forming the best powerlifting team in America. Somebody sent in a spreadsheet containing a 10 week peaking training program that’s supposed to be Ed Coan’s. This bench press program was created by Brad Gillingham* and has a heavy bench day per week and a light bench day per week. Commit to this six-week powerlifting-style bench specialization program made for bodybuilders, and outgrow that old 1RM for good! Week 1 to 3: Incline bench press: start at 50% of you max. How to Fall Asleep in 10, 60, or 120 Seconds. Benching is done once a week. My bench 1rm is currently 245lbs. Regular Bench: 300 x 3 x 10 (30 secs rest between sets) Pause Presses. Whether you are looking for a 30 day bench press program or a 12 week cycle, you're covered. Therefore, you want a deadlift program for body transformation and/or to compete in powerlifting. If you want to get stronger in a fun and unique way, this program is for you. Thursday of Week 3 my shoulder became a little sore, so I stopped early and took that Friday off. In part two of this 5-week sandbag training program we look at how to build strength. Workout #7 Mash Mafia MN Bulgarian Spin Workout. If the lifts were super easy, add 10 lbs in week 1 and another 10 for week 2. Unlike Starting Strength and Ice Cream Fitness, the Reddit PPL workout is a 6 day a week program. Workout #4 Mash Mafia Powerlifting Program. A side benefit to the Critical Bench Program is the increase in muscle mass throughout the upper body. Week 2 Day 2 Lift Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Military Press Warm up Warm up X 10 X 8 X 6 X 4 Bench Press Warm up Warm up Warm up 3 x 80% 3 x 85% 3 x 90% ABS Bench crunch w/10 x 40 Leg raise x 1 Min. Comrades, I have used the following routine to increase my deadlift from 525 to 555 in 6 weeks. 05” in week 6, day 2 & 3. - These distinctions while not anywhere near definitive, are there for a reason. Add 10kg to your Raw Bench in 4 weeks. Don't wait to magically hope your bench press somehow “fixes itself”. Each workout… This summer, 19 University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Medicine faculty members from seven divisions mentored 25 UW School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) students in the Shapiro Summer Research Program . Chance of rain 50%. As such, the physique you diligently work to craft is, in all probability, pretty impressive. You are alternating week in and week out between the two exercises. You want the tight abs and vascular leanness – and you’re willing to do what it takes to get there. Monday Squat Work Out Back Squat Week 1 Weight 164 Week 5 Weight 203 Week 9 Weight 240 Sets x Reps 2x2 Weight 250 Sets x Reps 2x5 Weight 211 Week 10 Sets x Reps 2x8 Weight 176 Week 6 Sets x Reps 2x5 Weight 225 Week 2 Sets x Reps 2x8 Weight 186 Week 7 Week 3 There are a number of programs based on a pull push legs (commonly abbreviated PPL) split. One of these days is dedicated to maximal effort Has anyone attempted doing the full Ed Coan program? As in 5 days a week using the periodization protocol outlined for squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press? I find I usually respond well to volume and don’t overtrain very easily. Workout #9 12 Week “Get Nasty” Olympic Weightlifting Add 15 pounds to your bench press with this workout. Some people are just born with some great-ass genetics that they don’t have to worry about shredding. If you want to try the bench cycle for yourself, just scale the prescribed weights according to your current max. 4 Hour Body Bench Program - What else? Week 8 another 10 lbs. Eddie ‘the Green Ghost’ Kowacz. 5%, 5×3, 82. There are many methods for improving your bench press but by far one of the most effective is the Smolov Jr bench press program. EB’S ULTIMATE 10 FOR 2019 Set a bench to a 45-degree angle and position Lets get right to business. On StrongLifts 5×5 you do five exercises – the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Barbell Row. 0%, 5×3, 85. The Intermediate Powerlifting Program is a four-day program that builds upon the base that was established from the novice program. So ill be following the Ed coan bb calculator for my working sets. In the program, students collaborate with faculty mentors for an eight- to 10-week, hypothesis-driven project. Let’s focus on sets first. COM THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO BUILD THE BODY YOU WANT® Store Workouts Diet Plans Expert Guides Videos Tools 10 WEEK CHEST SIZE & BENCH PRESS STRENGTH WORKOUT This ten week training cycle is designed to not Increasing your bench by 50 pounds in 10 weeks as someone completely new to training shouldn't be a huge struggle. Geared Bench vs. Candito Advanced Bench Program - Explanation 18 May 2016 RELATED: 10 Bench Press Variations for a Bigger and Stronger Chest WEEK 1. Do nine sets of about three reps. In 2010 my best Bench Pressing came from a simple twice weekly program using a 4-day Texas Method type split. Use the same weight for your set of 6 and on this set do as many reps as you can. It’s incredibly simple. xlsx from BUSN 6020 at Thompson Rivers University. 5%. Many powerlifters go heavy on a core lift such as a bench press, dead-lift, or squat, and then may have a speed or light day for the same exercise or muscle groups. 6 week nfl combine training program week 1 monday upper body max effort 1. Muscle Media's Benchpress Routine. All exercises are exactly the same as on StrongLifts 5×5 and Madcow 5×5. Follow this with a deload week. Above there are a lot of Powerlifting Programs, but most lack accesory exercises. 77. It can be integrated into your existing routine, but it’s meant to be performed once a week. Maximum Effort sessions can be replaced with Repetition Method incorporating sets of 6-10 reps Periodically for periods of 2 weeks ; Test for 1RM every 3rd wave (ie: every 9th week) or at meet. Update: Thanks for the info, this was posted first here If you want to bench big, you need to bench more—and better. If the slow and steady 5x5 program is not your pace, you can try the 5/3/1 program created by Jim Wendler. On this program, the frequency is usually 2 days per week (Monday and Friday). All you need is the proper lifting technique, workouts, and strength program to guide you towards your goals! Shredding is the next best thing after adding on pounds of muscle mass. strength exercises) workout routines. The program involves a two-day, 3-sequence (A, B, C) training method. Glute-Ham Gastroc Raise, 4 x 8-10, 4010, rest 90 seconds Phase 3, Weeks 7-9: Accumulation 2 Consider this phase “controlled overtraining. THIS WEEK'S EXERCISE: Dumbbell bench press Selena Ceja is sports performance coach and program specialist at the Parisi Speed School Pull Down Abs: 5 sets of 10 reps Day 4 (dynamic effort bench day) Bench Press: 10 sets of 3 reps with 60% of 1RM; use three different grips ; (45 to 60 sec rest between sets) Close Grip Bench Press: work up to 2 sets of 3 One Arm Dumbbell Extensions: 3 sets of 10 Front Plate Raises: 3 sets of 10 reps Week 7 Day 1 (max effort squat day) High 43F. Chest Dumbbell Bench Press 3 10, 10, 10 Shoulders Push Press 3 12, 12. To Save: Log in to Google -> File -> Make a Copy | Thanks, liftvault. I bench 3x a week, plus accessory-type bench work. Natural Strength Training and Weight Lifting. Program in the assistance stuff as necessary; you can do more assistance work on this plan than on the Rep Increase Method, as the workload is less, but don't go crazy. It is highly likely you will. … The intensity threshold of the Robbins 6 Week Power Bench Press Program requires only two workouts per week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays to avoid the overtraining syndrome. Starting Deadlift Max 283. I'm now much less inclined to give you a choice. Whether you’re lifting to get strong, to look good or both. Week 1 Training Max is 300 lbs, so Light day is 70% or 210 x 3 reps x 5 sets. Another difference is Smolov Jr. Hit the other two lifts three times. On 12 Week Bench Press Peaking Program Overview. But, as with all things worth striving for, there’s always room for improvement. The program contains only one workout per week. Coan/Phillipi Scott Warman’s 10 week bench press peaking program is a bit different than many bench peaking programs in that it focuses on improving the 2RM by 10 lbs. I then did week 10 the next week and just did some doubles instead of triples. Weeks 9-12 followed the same progression with 5 more lbs per set on bench press and this time, 25-30 more lbs per set on deadlift. * This is a 10 week periodized training program broken up into 2 (4) week phases, 1 de-load week, and 1 max out/testing week. Heavy Days would scale the same way. for the next week. Judging a man by his bench press is the worst cliché in fitness—and it's not going Doing the typical pyramid sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps, as many do, isn't  12 Jun 2017 Bench press and squats, the two most popular exercises worldwide, have could bench press the bar for 10 reps and max out at around 95lbs. xls | Individual Sports | Athletic Sports (awesome ed coan bench press program #3) in a space, it certainly involves cautious formula and cautiously. The training cycle will include your entire body, not just your chest. The "Candito 6 Week Program" is made for intermediates and "Candito Linear Program" is made for beginners. Critical Bench Program is a bench press course, by Mike Westerdal, that shows you how to add 50 lbs. Lat Pull Downs. As an ALLMAX Nutrition consumer it’s clear that quality is important to you. For those of you that have a very hard time adding weight on bench, a 10 pound gain might be good progress. The heavy days have a heavy single followed by back-off sets. This should not be used as your only squatting or pressing program over an extended period of time. Deload Week. There are actually some benefits of the bench press that will help you build a bigger chest. 2 days ago · This 4-week, 1-dumbbell workout program from celebrity trainer Ben Bruno will help to build muscle and fry fat. Use this 8-week workout plan to get ripped, lean and super-shredded this summer. I'll use 80% of  The six week program and the advanced programs are made available to you at no cost. 12 Oct 2012 Brandon Lilly 10 Week Bench Training Cycle tried to maintain Juggernaut's Brandon Lilly is quickly becoming a raw bench press phenom. For those that don’t know, Dave was the first man in Ireland to bench press 300kg. As you move from week to week, simply add a The 10 Pounds per Week Bench Program Everybody wants a big bench and many of the athletes I work and consult with are judged and tested on their bench This is basically just bench more to bench heavier. Smolov Base Cycle; Russian Squat Routine; Russian Squat Masters; Deadlift Programme Calculators. 12 Week Mash Mafia No Fat Powerlifting Program. * Every week there are 3 bench press focused sessions Start the program by basing percentages on a 15 pound increase to squats and deadlifts, and a 10 pound increase to bench press. As you can see above, Soiren’s template asks for 110%. By the end of week ten you’ll be running anywhere from 2 ½ to 3 ½ miles per day, 10 to 21 miles per week. In sessions 10-18 the volume is reduced and the intensity is slowly ramped up. Tricep Extensions. For example, the bench variation on day 1 right after the 10 sets varies between CG/Sling Shot. For PTTP, it is the deadlift and the bench press. Week 1 High 43F. Increase your bench press by only 5 pounds each week over the course of 10 weeks. The Six-Week Bench Blastoff. You’ll suspend the SSB by chains in the rack and want it started high enough that, by week 7, you are squatting at powerlifting legal depth. Ed Coan 10 Week Training Cycle. You should stick with basic movements such as the bench press, pull-ups, military press, pullovers, etc. Our sample lifter is an intermediate level male lifter who can currently bench 295 and hopes to hit 315 in 10 weeks. Sets x Reps In this 10 week program we will build volume and intensity over the fist 6 weeks. To change it, simply replace “1. Following is the benchpress routine which appeared from Muscle Media. The name of the game right now is single-digit body fat. The fact is, if you want a better bench press, you need a better program. Take action. My best selling and newly revised Critical Bench Program 2. At a glance the 54321 ladder method entails performing a ladder (5 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps this program is designed for trainees who want to take their bench press to the next level. This program builds correction and balance through the first 3-week phase to ensure that the trainee is ready for each successive 3-week block. Machine or T-Bar Row. For most guys, the bench press stalls somewhere between 225 and 315 pounds. You'll be bench pressing three or four times a week, alternating between  Smolov Jr. Abs. Written and popularized by Redditor Matt Disbrow (aka /u/mdisbrow) – the Deathbench program is a disciple of the “if you want a bigger bench press, bench more” church. We will then decrease the volume while continuing to build the intensity for the last four weeks to peak for our max in week 10. Again, just with the week to week weight increments, you can use the way your body feels and make a judgement call here. Ed-CoanEd-Coan-10-Week-Program-10-Week-Program. Since it doesn’t make sense for most people to train upwards of 3 or more hours a day, every single day, I’ve adapted this into a 4 day training split. It is typically recommended to avoid doing accessory work doing a Smolov cycle. Squat Your Way to Better Performance With This 4-Week Training Program 0 Shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Squats are a critical exercise for most athletes. This helps develop strength as well as power for the bench press. com 6 WEEK BENCH PROGRAM Bench 1RM: WEEK -Strip a plate per side, 1 set of max reps deadstop (Aiming for 10 reps)--This is a 7 week training cycle with a 1 week deload (8 weeks total). C. The program is 4 weeks long and is a peaking program. If you reach 5 reps, give yourself an = and stay with that weight for the next week. That means you’re only allowed 3 attempts to set you’re 1RM and you have to follows the rules as if you were competing. He will be competing in the: 2010 Europa Sports Expo APF Single Ply Powerlifting & Bench Press Nationals April 29th & 30th, 2011 We’re hoping for him to break four records in the 16-17, 165 lb. The power of a four day split for an intermediate trainee is in its versatility. A 100 pound increase in the bench press is a bit ex-treme, however adding 50 pounds to a 200 pound bench press is not: assuming you add 10 pounds of new muscle to arm, chest and shoulder muscles in the process. Week 13: 5 x 10 x 60%; Week 14: 3 x 8 x 80%; Week 15: 3 x 5 x 85%; Week 16: 3 x 3 x 90%; Wrap Up. This program gave me good results with an increase of my bench by 20 lbs. You’ll beat yourself up a lot less benching heavy two or three times a week than if you tried to do the same with either of the lower body lifts. Workouts included are: 5-10-15 Bench Press Program 20 Rep Bench Press Program Savage 10 Bench Press Program 6 Week Bench Press Peaking Program  And outside of the core lifting community, the flat barbell bench press reigns Pyramid bench program (5 times per week) = 5 sets per day focused on bench . Forty-six year old Vladimir trains three to five times a week, depending on how busy he is at work. adding a little to build yourself up a lot. There is a bench press program that is a really great program to follow if you really want to focus on bench a lot of weight or hit a new personal goal. This 8-week squat program was designed keeping the prevailing science in mind. Wondering how to get stronger when you hit a wall with your bench press routine ? Try a 50-rep method, two to three times a week. Lateral Raises. The frequency of workout for 10 sets of 10 Reps muscle building program will be different for different body types. The program calls for a reset by 10% wich would take 5 weeks to hit a pr. To answer your question: For close grip and db bench- go with a semi heavy weight that you would typically get 10 perfect reps on if that were the first excercise you were to do on a given day. Any guy who has ever stepped foot in a gym wants a bigger bench. This bench press pyramid calculator will help you focus your workouts and get the maximum benefits of pyramid training. It is not an easy program, but, it IS a worthwhile program! You just have to commit to it and you will see results. Close Grip Off Board. You're gonna RHOMBOID SHRUG: 3 sets of 10 reps. These gains were seen over the 12 week program. Since I'm a lazy sack, I couldn't be troubled with that. Thanks for the valuable information about training after the 12 week program. Workout 1 - Monday. However, this program can be done with one barbell, some weight, and space to run. Now, I could tell you what I think or I could attempt to teach you how to make that decision yourself. I would pull once per week, preferably on a day when you didn't squat and bench. This week however, I did the same 175 pounds for 8 reps. 5  26 Apr 2010 Here's a sample 10-week bench press workout with some numbers laid out. The program reviewed here became popular on Reddit, and is a linear progression program for new lifters. The second 8 weeks will have a different routine for each day. you should be able to add 5 lbs each week for the upper body exercises (bench press, dead row, pull-ups : etc. I got what I wanted out of this program. If any of those sound good to you, then this is the workout program for you. It goes against the grain of the "To Deadlift More, Don't Deadlift" school of thought, but Phillipi claims it took his dead from 505lbs to 540lbs with power to spare (no mention of whether drug-free or not). Does anyone know a 3 week program to increase bench and ohp? Would it be a good idea to just keep trying over and over? B: 220lbs x 4 If any of those sound good to you, then this is the workout program for you. Setting up the 10 week bench press system. Last updated October 1, 2019. I'm a competitive powerlifter and training as such. As posted to misc. So you’ll want to do it four times. I would hope that you add at least 15 pounds to your bench press each time you run this program. bench press to one of 325 lbs. Leg curl x 20 Russian Twists x 40 Bridge x 1 Min Incline Becnh X 12 X 10 X 8 X 6 DB raise X 10 X 10 X 10 If your eating is dialed and you are working hard but for some reason have stagnated, this eight-week program could be your solution. Optional, but you can include a lighter day. or more to your bench press weight in just a couple of months. For those at more of an intermediate or advanced level, however, bench press progress is a little harder to come by. Workout #5 Advanced Eze Front Squat Program. I did knees up bench press instead and did a kind of linear progression for that 5x5. The lifters I know that say they don't care about their bench press numbers usually have pecs like deflated balloons and have trouble benching their Powerlifting Bench Press Pyramid Program. Starting Bench Max 100. The Bench Press workout is to be done twice per week. One day is usually heavy doubles or singles, one day is higher volume and lower weight, and one day is middle of the road. December 23, 2002 03:28 PM. Here are 2 sample workouts using the chart so you can see how this plays out. A bench deload should be 60% of your max for only 3 sets of 5 reps per set. This is a 10-week deadlift program designed by the legendary powerlifter Ed Coan for Mark Phillipi. Ideally it will add Week 7 Exercise Sets Reps Monday Bench Press (Bar Only) 1 10 35% of 1 RM 1 10 45% of 1 RM 1 5 55% of 1 RM 1 3 65% of 1 RM 1 3 75% of 1 RM 1 1 85% of 1 RM 1 1 95% of 1 RM 2 Max Reps 80% of 1 RM 1 Max Reps Barbell Rows 3 8 - 10 Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press 3 8 - 10 Skullcrushers 3 8 - 12 Barbell Curls 3 8 - 12 Thursday Bench Press (Bar Only) 1 Building a Bigger Chest: A 12-week Program – Best Chest Workouts. Shrugs. THIS WEEK'S EXERCISE: Dumbbell bench press Selena Ceja is sports performance coach and program specialist at the Parisi Speed School Pull Down Abs: 5 sets of 10 reps Day 4 (dynamic effort bench day) Bench Press: 10 sets of 3 reps with 60% of 1RM; use three different grips ; (45 to 60 sec rest between sets) Close Grip Bench Press: work up to 2 sets of 3 One Arm Dumbbell Extensions: 3 sets of 10 Front Plate Raises: 3 sets of 10 reps Week 7 Day 1 (max effort squat day) Here is an 8 week bench press program that I created to help you grow maximum size and strength in 8 weeks. Dave Tate's Six-Week Just a quick review of weeks 9 and 10! Eric Spoto 705 RAW Bench! Stan Efferding 545 x 2! EVERY SET | ProvingItDVD. The big difference is it’s 1/5 as long and not nearly as taxing on your body. Week 11, 1, 100. Written by the coach to the USAPL's strongest 105 kg lifter (Bryce Lewis), this full, free, Novice Powerlifting Program will set you on the right path. Do you want to know how to increase bench to max potential? Do you want to increase your bench press by 100 lbs? I can help you bench press more with some of the best tips. in 1 week," and listen up! DB Bench & Close Grip. Follow with two to four sets of six to 10 reps of the following: The protocol is to perform 10 sets of 10 repetitions, with the first week using roughly 60% of your one rep maximum (in this case for the bench press). At the end of 10 weeks, you may choose to: Continue with the daily workout as you did at week ten; Gradually increase your distance/time of the daily run (no more than 10% increase per week) For anyone interested in powerlifting or competing in powerlifting here is a 16-week program I desinged for my 17 year old son. The smart way to build a bench is to do it in conjunction with a Parrillo off-season mass-building program. Week 2 - 4 sets of 10 @ 78, 75, 72, 69% Week 3 - 7 sets of 2 reps @ 90% Week 4 - 4 sets of 10 @ 78, 75, 72, 69% Week 5 - Work up to 1Rm max All workouts followed by shoulder & tricep assistance. The . Do not attempt to increase your 1RM too soon or it could result in regression or further plateauing. Candito Training by making a contribution on the paypal scroll down button (5, 10, 20, or more). There are two versions here: original and taper (to help with meet preparation). As mentioned, you can run the bench press 5×3 program with nearly any split or combination of assistance exercises. 10-Week Intermediate Deadlift Program TAGS: weak point , setup , percentages , peaking cycle , intermediate , accessory exercises , 10-week deadlift program , Zane Geeting , PR , deadlift If you want to hit a deadlift PR, you need to build your training around it. If not just click the picture below: When I originally wrote the article, I had an additional 10 weeks of programming included. Bench press: Same setup as Incline bench. As such, intensity, volume and frequency are structured for maximum strength and mass gains. Many guys, for example, come in to the gym to bench on Monday and do 3 sets of 10, or 5 sets of 5, performing, respectively, 30 or 25 total repetitions. xls | Individual Sports | Athletic Sports (awesome ed coan bench press program #3). Unfortunately I will have a break from lifting in 3 weeks because of a surgery so doing what the program says would be a waste of time. Program 1 – Change in Training Weight Occurs Every Week. Week two is 210, week 3 – 220lb, and week 4 – is 102% of your starting 10RM or 230lb for 3 sets of 10. What is Smolov Jr? The name Smolov comes from Sergey Smolov, who is known as the ‘Russian Master of Sports’. General Notes-You’ll squat three times a week for the duration of the eight weeks. Then this all-in-one 12-Week Bench Press Program and How To Technique Guide is just what you need! Start from any level and set a NEW Bench max every 12-weeks! 12-Week Bench Press Program First, you don’t need special supplements, crazy overload techniques or piles of food to increase your Bench Press. The goal of this program is to ad up to 50 pounds to your benchpress within a seven week period. Increase your training weights each week by 4%. No matter your political aspirations, we are here to help. Both involve only two exercises. This is a 10-week program to improve strength and power, especially in CrossFit athletes. The approach to lifting involves four workouts per week, with two being for the lower body and two for the You then do two to four sets of six to 10 reps of the following:. Take a week completely away from benching, rest, and then test your max exactly one week later. The 54321 Method is a 10 week program for building strength utilizing the 54321 ladder method. 0% Week 10, 1, 97. A good approach if you’re starting out is to do one set of each three times a week. Week 3 Max (I don’t always Max Out, but this is my heaviest week in the rotation About this program. How to Increase Bench Press – Top 10 Tips We all know that the bench press is the best exercise for increasing muscle mass and strength. What is the best deadlift program for a beginner in fitness? You know the impressive benefits of deadlifts to lean out your body and gain strength. One Rep Max: Calculate. If you know the creator let me know so I can give credit. Do sets of 5, and add 10 kg per set util you can not get 5 reps. 1) Bench Press - 10x2 @ 85% with 2-3  29 Aug 2018 All participants underwent 1RM testing for squat (SQ), bench press (BP) and deadlift (DL) prior to the 10-week intervention. But to add plates Use these 'accessory' exercises to add 5kg to your barbell every week for a month. Even if you have long arms, shoulder pain, wrist pain or sub-par genetics like me, this program is a guaranteed way to help you build a 200, 300 or 400 + pound bench press. In order to support a big bench press, you need a full body training program that supports a big bench press. 3 x 10 w/140 lbs. Topics span a Periodized CAT Bench Program Weight Progression Calculator This weight progression calculator can be used to automatically calculate your 16 week periodized CAT bench workout . The beauty of technique cluster sets is that in the space of ten minutes, you can perform . Raw Bench. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great tool for building muscle in your chest, arms, and shoulders. This basic four-day split rendition immediately increases the frequency that you are bench pressing and pressing if you are moving from a three day per week program. Workout #3 RBCP Strength Focused Weightlifting Program. Increase calculated 1RM weight based on Week 5 performance. 10 Week Matrix Program (Maximum Muscle Bulk and Power System) WEEK 1: Monday (Heavy Day) 55% of Projected Max. This program lays it all out for you in a 10 week training cycle. Benching big weight builds crazy strength and upper body mass, and is also just plain fun as hell. Accessory Work. You wanted some feedback about the 12 week program and I attest it is one of the best programs I have done. I (Yusef) have added some of my own notes at the end of my experience with Smolov Jr as well. by Steve Pulcinella Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) And while your goal may be to just get your bench press going again, our program works the The original program provided a series of two-day split options for training. 12 Week Bench Program Brad Gillingham inspired, program courtesy of Maryland Powerlifting. In this article and video series, we don’t look at powerlifting Struggling with the Bench Press shoulder work and being smarter in my program. In each example he will bench two times a week, for example on Monday and Thursday . Including both volume and intensity work during the same week gives you two kinds of stress to adjust. Week 1 Reps. Friday: Shoulders, biceps, and triceps – 10 sets of 10 reps for shoulders – 3 sets of 10+ reps for biceps and triceps. Lets say at Week 6 you bench 320, Week 7 would be Light day 70% or 225 x 3 x 5 sets. Week 2 Speed. As you become stronger and become unable to can't add 5-10 pounds with each  The best bench press program for strength may be one that trains volume and where one week may focus more heavily on the bench press and another on the the weight five to ten percent each time you add a set to your volume work. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! Before I bought your program I maxed out at 270 lbs. This is an  17 Nov 2013 Trying to administer a sophisticated bench press program around an Trying to administer a three day per week percentage based bench press the next Day # 1 workout, also add 10 pounds to your warm up weights. from 275 to 315 if you are going to do a sheiko or other high vol program you have to do the deload weeks and also you are going to have to sleep good and eat good, lol. 10 week bench program

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